Pippa Small

Aquamarine Double Colette Pendant

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    Take the charm necklace to the next level with this bohemian-inspired design from Pippa Small. Dazzling aquamarine pendants and a delicate 18k gold flower dangle from a waxed gold cord. Handcrafted in 18k gold in Rajasthan, India. Necklace measures 24 inches. Gem cluster measures 1 inch.

    “With each of my designs, you are carrying with you a story, a culture from afar and, often, an example of the ancient skills handed on to an indigenous or tribal craftsperson.” - Pippa Small


    Human rights activist, anthropologist, humanitarian—Pippa Small is a true polymath. The London-based jewelry designer has been putting her own stamp on the jewelry industry since she began designing her bohemian, gem-laden creations 20 years ago. Pippa originally trained as an anthropologist, living with indigenous tribes such as the Kalahari Bushmen. A knack for designing jewelry led her to pursue an alternate career. Pippa now has two boutiques, one in London and one in Los Angeles and combines her passions for jewelry and humanitarian work through her work with Survival International and Turquoise Mountain, training craftsmen in war-ravaged locations such as Kabul to help restore their heritage of artisanship. In 2013, Queen Elizabeth II awarded her the MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for raising awareness of ethical jewelry practices around the world.

    Every woman needs a charm necklace in her jewelry box. This long, aquamarine-laden version is incredibly versatile (and hits your neckline at just the right spot). Pair it with a sundress or jeans for a boho-chic boost, or add your own charms for extra personalization.