Melissa Braniff

Silver Lion Coin Ring

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    INDIA 1577 AD

    This stunning Indian coin ring features a fierce lion surrounded by intricate detail around its edge and set in 14K gold with a hammered finish. An oxidized flower embellishes each side of the ring with a single diamond in each.  The coin measures 0.9 inches in diameter and was hand struck in Tripura, India in 1577. 0.03 ctw diamonds. Size 6.5. Complimentary ring sizing available for most ring sizes. 

    “This coin carries a distinctive personality with its depiction of a roaring lion and is very much a statement piece.” - Melissa Braniff



    Melissa Braniff’s fascination with ancient coins began with decades of study in classical mythology and the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. While reading one account of Julius Caesar returning to Rome after defeating a territory, she learned that each “triumph" was followed by a parade where coins manufactured to commemorate the victory would be thrown about the streets. Her initial curiosity to locate those exact coins ultimately led her to the vast world of even more ancient coinage. As her ancient coin collection grew, she was moved by how the coins artistically combine her love of both mythology and ancient culture. She designed her collection to share the beauty and the stories of these ancient artifacts with others. Melissa’s handcrafted pieces are rich in their design and in the stories they tell. These are stories that are meant to be shared and that connect with each person in their own unique way. 


    We love the strength and intricate beauty of this statement ring. It is one that will become a cherished heirloom for years to come.